Beebe Healthcare Names Respiratory Therapist Nancy Collick as Winner of First Annual PHIL Award

September 14, 2022

LEWES, Del. – Beebe Healthcare is proud to present its first annual Pulmonary Health and Illnesses of the Lungs (PHIL) Award to Nancy Collick, a respiratory therapist who has served Sussex County for over 30 years. Collick is recognized as a valuable leader within Beebe’s respiratory and emergency departments; someone who provides clinical excellence for patients while treating everyone who surrounds her with kindness and compassion.

The PHIL Award is a nationally recognized hospital-based program that honors respiratory therapists who provide outstanding care and treatment for patients with life-threatening pulmonary illnesses. It was created in 2006 by the family of Philip C. Lamka, who was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease and courageously battled his condition for three years. Their foundation, FACES, aims to give hope to patients facing life-threatening lung diseases while celebrating the respiratory therapists who bravely care for them. The PHIL Award is presented annually to one respiratory therapist at each participating hospital who demonstrates genuine dedication to their practice, with an understanding that each breath matters. Nominations are accepted from clinical providers, hospital leadership, and patients.

“Nancy is an unsung hero who has earned a reputation as being among the ‘best of the best’ here at Beebe,” said Chris Steele, EKG, EEG, Director of Respiratory Therapy. “She is always smiling and carries a positive attitude that brightens people’s days. Her dedication shines brightly and was especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nancy regularly covered extra shifts and worked overtime to assure our patients in need were taken care of. She is an irreplaceable part of our team.”

As winner of the first annual PHIL Award, Collick received the FACES Foundation’s appreciation sculpture, along with paid tuition to attend a professional conference in Delaware.

“Nancy serves as an incredible role model for her colleagues in Respiratory Therapy, the Emergency Department, and for all members of the Beebe Healthcare team,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, CPHE, FACHE, President & CEO of Beebe Healthcare. “She is a skilled clinician with a long history of providing excellent care to every patient she encounters. She is truly deserving of this award.”

Featured Image (l-r): Dr. David Tam, President & CEO; Nancy Collick, Respiratory Therapist; Chris Steele, Respiratory Director; Tom Protack, Beebe Foundation President; Dan Mapes, Executive Director of Diagnostic and Satellite Services.