Explore the Regions

From city to countryside, colonial town to sprawling farm, beach resort to suburbia, Delaware offers distinct regions with one thing in common: a deep sense of community.

Cities, Farms and Beaches Find it All in Delaware Regions

Northern Delaware

Northern Delaware is a diverse region with more than a half million residents. The area is centrally located – bordering Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland which makes it a popular home base. Plus Living in Northern Delaware is affordable compared to nearby big cities with a variety of lifestyle choices from urban locales to charming small towns.

Central Delaware

Central Delaware is the very heart of the state and though its beat is strong, the area offers a more relaxed pace. Residents in this region enjoy living in tight-knit communities in the state capital, Dover, or dotted among sprawling farmlands outside the city. There’s a deep sense of history here too – Delaware became the first state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787 right here in Dover, giving it its nickname of “The First State.”

Southern Delaware

In Southern Delaware, you’ll find a tapestry of rural and coastal communities that weave their way from pristine beaches on the Atlantic coast through vibrant towns and picturesque farmland to create a wonderfully unique region with something for everyone. And while many know the area for its popular beach resorts, more than a quarter million people call Southern Delaware home.


No matter what type of beachcomber you are, you’ll find your haven along more than 380 miles of shoreline in Delaware. Whether you’re a boardwalk stroller, an ambitious angler, a watersport adventurer, birdwatcher or simply a sun-worshipper, there’s a beach for you in Delaware.

Cities & Towns in Delaware

Moving to Delaware? Get all the facts and figures for all three Delaware counties and their 57 incorporated municipalities in one place. If you need more information, you’ll find links to each town’s website so you can get up to speed on local government, businesses, municipal services, recreation programs and more.