What’s so interesting about life in Delaware? Everything! 

Food, festivals, fresh air and fun – Delaware has it all, and we do it like no other place with something for every taste, budget and member of your family in The First State. 

Looking for something to do—and eat, in any part of the state, at any season? You won’t be hungry—or bored—in Delaware, that’s for sure! We’re a small state with a big choice in restaurants—from classic American to cosmopolitan offerings; famous chains to chef-driven, farm-to-table local far. With so many choices, you’ll have fun, eat well and always find yourself in good company. 

Arts and Entertainment

Delaware is big on arts and entertainment. From the renowned pre-Raphaelite art collection and 9-acre sculpture garden at the Delaware Art Museum in Northern Delaware to the Zwaanendaele Museum’s collection of Dutch & Swedish artifacts honoring Delaware’s first European settlement, we’re a state rich in preserving and living history. You’ll find theater, sports, music and cultural arts options for every palate and pallette in the family – all within an easy drive, with plentiful parking.

Performing Arts

Delaware’s performing arts scene is buzzing with an abundance of variety. From the smooth tunes of symphony orchestras and the heartfelt drama of opera to the stunning displays of ballet, there is something for everyone. Delaware’s venues offer not just a show, but an experience, featuring both local and international talents at their finest.

Dive into Delaware’s music scene and you’ll find yourself amidst a vibrant mix of genres. Get in touch with soulful notes of blues and jazz to the electrifying vibes of hip-hop, and melodies of storytelling in country music, there’s a beat for every heart here. Delaware’s stages are open to everyone, offering a platform for a diverse range of artists. This blend of sounds and stories doesn’t just create music; it builds a community. Here, every note and word celebrates our diverse voices, bringing us together in a unique way. 

In the Spotlight- Delaware’s Featured Musician
Jimmy Allen
country singer Jimmie Allen Delaware

Let’s give a big shout-out to Delaware’s very own Jimmy Allen, shining as a little state’s big success story! Coming from Milton, Delaware, this country music star has rocked the charts, nabbing a GRAMMY nomination for Best New Artist and nailing the title ACM Male Artist of the Year. It’s impressive, considering Delaware isn’t your typical country music hub! Jimmy made waves with hit tunes like “Best Shot”—clinching a No. 1 spot
on country radio and paving the way as one of the first Black artists to do so! His triumph is more than just a win; it’s a proud moment that pushes past old industry
norms. Jimmy brings a slice of Delaware wherever he goes, blending that homespun authenticity with a dash of southern finesse, making him not just an artist, but a hometown hero that continues to inspire.

If you’ve got a love for stories, a flair for poetry, or a knack for writing, Delaware is calling you with it’s open pages! The local talents – authors, poets, and storytellers – are turning Delaware’s rich history and vibrant cultural tapestry into captivating narratives. Imagine diving into literary events, dynamic book clubs, and electrifying poetry slams. They aren’t just events, they’re our way of celebrating the magic of words, fostering connections, and understanding the world through diverse perspectives. 

To get involved visit Delaware Literary Connection (DLC) is a non-profit organization committed to serving writers in the Delaware area, and promoting the literary arts. Learn more about their programs, authors and educators here.

Delaware Theaters, Musical Venues and Events

Settle in at any of these Delaware Venues for a great show featuring off-Broadway and local casts..

New Castle County

Candlelight Theatre, Ardentown 

Center for the Creative Arts, Yorklyn 

Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington 

Christina Cultural Arts Center, Wilmington 

Delaware Children’s Theater, Wilmington 

Delaware Theater Company, Wilmington 

The Grand (Opera House, Baby Grand and Playhouse), Wilmington 

The Queen, Wilmington 

Theatre N at Nemours, Wilmington 

Wilmington Drama League, Wilmington 

Delaware’s Art Advocates

The State of Delaware Art’s Funding

Delaware Division of the Arts

In Delaware, we are big believers in the idea that creativity should have no limits. That’s right! Whether you are an artist sketching the next masterpiece, a nonprofit championing the arts, or a school nurturing future Van Goghs and Frida Kahlo’s, we’ve got something special just for you. It comes in the form of grant programs crafted with love by the Delaware Division of the Arts. So, what’s on the palette? Well, it’s all about celebrating the arts through a spectrum of priorities.

  • Artistic Merit: It is all about showcasing the sheer brilliance and transformative power of the arts. We’re on the lookout for work that makes you stop, think, and feel—because that’s what art is all about, isn’t it?
  • Diversity: Delaware is a mosaic of cultures, identities, and stories. Our grants aim to reflect, embrace and uplift the diverse voices that make our state a masterpiece in its own right.
  • Equity: We’re tearing down barriers and making the arts accessible for all. Through thoughtful changes and actions, we’re ensuring everyone has a seat at the easel.
  • Inclusion: The state of Delaware wants everyone to feel part of it’s vibrant arts scene. From different backgrounds to unique perspectives, we’re creating spaces where everyone belongs and every story is celebrated.
  • Innovation: Fostering innovation means pushing the boundaries of creativity and reimagining what the arts can be. We are all ears for fresh, new ideas.

Thinking of making Delaware your new creative playground? From the charm of our local festivals, the allure of tax-free shopping, or the supportive arts community with its open arms, Delaware’s got a little something for everyone.

Delaware Community Support for the Arts

Delaware Arts Summit

Delaware shines when the Arts Summit rolls around, bringing together artists, art patrons, and educators in a celebration of creativity and collaboration. This one-day extravaganza is designed to bolster professional growth, widen networks, and wrap it all in the joy of the arts. 

Delaware Arts Alliance

As the heart of the arts community in Delaware, the Delaware Arts Alliance is the steadfast champion for the arts statewide. Think of them as the maestros, orchestrating efforts to underscore the value of arts and arts education in creating communities that simply buzz with energy and inventiveness. 

In the Spotlight- Delaware’s Featured Event
Delaware Contemporary Art Museum
country singer Jimmie Allen Delaware
Fall 2023 – ESCAPE
September 8- December 31, 2023

The notion of escape signifies a departure or rupture from an innate state of being. The yearning to escape is an inherent aspect of the human experience. While each person’s reasons for seeking escape, their destination, and the individuality of their journey may vary, we all, at some juncture in our lives, share a common impulse or necessity to break free. This 16 artist show provides viewers with a glimpse into their imagination, their dreams, and their subconscious thoughts. It also introduces novel concepts related to energy and inertia, as well as a broader range of emotions, offering a rich and enhanced experience.

Arts in Education

Delaware College of Art and Design

Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD) is your creative playground. With a wide array of degree programs from animation to photography, DCAD is the perfect place to discover and nurture your artistic talents. Not just for the seasoned creators, DCAD also opens its doors to the next generation of artists and designers with pre-college courses and workshops, laying down the strong foundation they need. It’s an invitation to join a
community where your creativity can flourish, supported by the unique spirit of the state of Delaware.

Academy of the Arts – Dover High School

Teen students from all walks of life find themselves amidst Dance, Music, and Visual Arts programs that feel tailor-made. It is about crafting a future as vibrant as Delaware itself, ready for higher education and the professional world. Step into a community that’s excited to see you excel and eager to get you there, nestled in a state where opportunity and warmth meet.

Archmere Academy

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds at Archmere Academy, right in the heart of Delaware. With a curriculum that’s as flexible as it is broad, students shape their academic adventure, exploring the arts through personalized schedules and getting hands-on in the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center and Manor Studios.

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Since 1992, the Cab Calloway School of the Arts (CCSA) in Delaware, born from a dream of passionate parents, has been blending academic gusto with artistic flair, all in a name that jazz legend Cab Calloway would be proud of. Catering to students from grades 6 to 12, CCSA is a hub for creativity, offering majors from dance and digital arts to instrumental music and visual arts. It’s a place where every student can explore their artistic potential alongside a rigorous academic curriculum, all in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

Delaware Food, Fine Dining, Hometown Eats and Adventure

In Delaware, we love everything from street food to fine dining – and let’s be clear; the two are never mutually exclusive with the passionate, award-winning chefs who perfect their art here from food trucks to farm-to-table restaurants to rooftop lounges. You’ll eat well and always find yourself in good company, whether your reservation is in the vibrant city of Wilmington, in Kent County’s rural heartland, or along Sussex County’s culinary coast. Foodies appreciate our state’s extensive choice of restaurants, cultural heritage festivals, fresh farmer’s markets, craft breweries and wineries all topped off with delicious, sweet treats – baked or frozen. 

Where else can you spend your weekends exploring an Apple Scrapple Festival, the Dewey Bacon Fest, or an olde-tyme peach anything at the Middletown Peach Festival. Delawareans love to celebrate what makes us different—and brings us together—exploring our African, Asian, German, Greek, Hispanic, Italian, Native American and Polish heritages, among others, in festivals throughout the year. 

Shopping in Delaware

People flock to Delaware for tax-free shopping. Why not live here and reap the benefits every day? Whether you have serious shopping to do mall department stores or specialty shops, are looking to stock up at big-name box stores, or prefer to browse for one-of-a-kind finds in small boutiques, you’ll find just what you’re looking for—and a few must-have surprises—at Delaware’s many fine retailers.

It’s All Here – and Easy to Get There

There’s not much that Delaware doesn’t have, but if you are looking for a day-trip or weekend get-away to concerts, shows, museums or sporting events in Philly, Baltimore, New York or DC, it’s easy, and quick, to get there from here. Jump on I-95, sit back and enjoy the train, or fly anywhere in the country—or world—out of Philadelphia or BWI. You can even now fly out of Wilmington to more than a dozen destinations as Avelo Airlines continues to expand its East Coast base right here in Delaware. Don’t worry. Delaware is so conveniently situated and easily accessible that you
can be back home in time for Sunday dinner (did we mention how great the food is here?!). You won’t want to stay away too long, though. The world is taking notice of Delaware! We’ve hosted PGA golf tours. We’re a mecca for NASCAR fans. Garden enthusiasts travel from all over the world to visit Longwood Gardens (which is “almost” in Delaware in nearby Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) – and Fodor’s recently ranked our beloved Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk among the nation’s best. No surprise there. We’re no longer the best kept secret, but we shouldn’t be. There’s so much to celebrate—and share—here in Delaware.

See All That Delaware Has to Offer