Cost of Living

Delaware’s affordable housing, low taxes, and the thriving job market in diverse industries make the First State a first-rate place to live.


A low cost of living plus top-notch healthcare, education and recreation add up to one great place to live.

Delaware is consistently ranked among the most affordable states on the eastern seaboard. In fact, the latest cost of living index puts us at the lowest in the busy northeast corridor from Maine to Washington, D.C.

Cost of Living Calculator

The cost of living index for the Wilmington metro area is consistently lower than other urban markets on the East Coast, while the index for central and southern Delaware is consistently less than the U.S. average.

Delaware residents enjoy a median household income that’s eight percent higher than the national average, high wage job opportunities in lucrative industries, a diverse range of affordable housing, and a low tax burden without state-level property taxes and sales tax. What’s more, since the Great Recession, employment in Delaware has grown by 11% — the fastest pace in the Mid-Atlantic.

Use our comparison tool to see how Delaware’s cost of living stacks up to your current city.

Cost of Living Index Calculator

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