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Some of the benefits of moving here.

No Sales Tax
Ranked #2 Lowest State for Personal Tax

(by WalletHub)

6th Lowest State for Property Taxes

(by WalletHub)

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HOUSING COSTS 38.51% LESS IN Selected City

Delaware is the perfect location at the center of the Northeast Corridor and is one of the most affordable Mid-Atlantic states. Enjoy all the benefits of major metro areas without all the costs! Welcome to the state with a high quality of life, a fun and unique lifestyle!

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Reap the advantages of living in an affordable East Coast location while being close to all major metro areas. Delaware has one of the strongest economies in the Mid-Atlantic region where diverse industries are growing fast, leading to enhanced job opportunities and competitive salaries.


Home to some of the top-notch healthcare facilities in the nation, you have access to the state’s excellent healthcare system in Delaware. Ranked #1 for hospital quality and #6 for healthcare quality, Delaware is the state to work, play and live the good life!

*Index and average prices are based on data gathered between Q42020 – Q32021. For more information on the methodology, please visit C2ER Cost of Living Index website (www.coli.org).

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