Choose Delaware – Helping Employers and Talent (That’s You!)

June 27, 2021

Make a Name for Yourself in Delaware

Delaware is a small state where you can make a big name for yourself, especially in chemistry — and LiveLoveDelaware and Delaware Prosperity Partnership are here to help you make it all happen. We’re a nonprofit state economic development agency that helps employers and in-demand talent (that’s you!) discover all the great reasons to live, work and play in Delaware.

Education and Healthcare in Delaware 

Delaware companies successfully partner with research and medical institutions to bring today’s top pharmaceutical breakthroughs and devices from idea to market. When you choose Delaware, you’ll join a top-tier workforce of professors, engineers, scientists, doctors and other STEM specialists driving innovations that impact lives both at home and across the world.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Love Delaware

Have a great idea? Entrepreneurs and innovators will find all the tools they need to create, launch or grow a start-up in Delaware. Check out this innovative tool today.

Delaware is a powerhouse of medical, scientific and pharmaceutical research making it an ideal choice for innovators and bioscience start-ups, and we’re home to the Delaware Innovation Space, top-performing incubators, and ready-to-go lab space.

You may not be familiar yet with financing options, incentives and business development support needed to make your mark, but we are! Visit us today for everything you need to turn your idea into innovation.

Delaware Quality of Life

If you grew up in Delaware, you may think you need to move far away to make your mark on the world. But if you’re heading toward a career in chemistry, you’ll want to take another look. Opportunities are everywhere in Delaware — especially for chemists! Just ask Adesis Chemist Georgette Lang. She recently relocated to Delaware from the south and says “There’s always something really cool and interesting going in Delaware — especially for chemists!” Georgette’s favorite part: Delaware has all four seasons and all kinds of great things to do outdoors.

Delaware Creates a Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline 

Demand for tech talent has never been stronger and we’re working hard to make sure we have a diverse talent pipeline prepared to support every industry in Delaware. The accelerated digitization of our economy in the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the deployment of IT strategies in sectors like healthcare and education, manufacturing and agriculture. If you love science and technology, just imagine what you can accomplish in Delaware by combining those skills.

Want to know more about why you should choose Delaware for your career in chemistry? We’re here to help. Contact Noah Olson, Innovation Support Manager, at or Charles Madden, Director of Talent Services at 

Delaware is a Hub for Innovation Especially in Life Sciences, Advanced Chemicals and IT 

Delaware continues to shine as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly for science, IT, and tech professionals. Offering the ideal environment for businesses and individuals to work, live and enjoy a vibrant life, Delaware is the perfect destination for anyone seeking to begin or develop their career in the STEM industry on the East Coast or Mid-Atlantic region. With its unique location, impressive talent pool, innovative climate, and diverse range of industry-leading STEM businesses, Delaware is where YOU need to be if you are a science or tech professional.

More Job Seekers Choose Delaware

Explore why more and more job seekers from every industry are discovering Delaware as a great place to work, live and play. From tourism to industry to lifestyle, the site will introduce you to successful scientists, artists, coders and chefs who wouldn’t live anywhere else — and you won’t either once you discover how great it is to LiveLoveDelaware