Delaware an Ideal Solution for a Chemical Career

October 7, 2021

Finding a new place to settle and begin a new career journey can be a daunting experience. For Georgette Lang, however, the decision was easy. The Doctor of Chemistry is familiar with bouncing around: she was born and raised in Louisiana where she also got her undergraduate degree in chemistry, and then she traveled to Texas to receive her doctorate from Texas A&M University. At both institutions, she was able to participate in various chemical research opportunities alongside faculty members. In April 2018, an Adesis recruiter approached Lang, offering her the opportunity to work for the contract research company in Delaware. Lang held no hesitation in her enthusiastic response.

Adesis is a chemical company that works with and for other businesses to help solve issues through chemically oriented solutions. With the best chemists on board, Adesis can efficiently assist their clients with all their chemical needs. With headquarters located in Delaware, Adesis serves the entire United States with their chemistry problems.

“My name is Georgette, and I’m a chemist at Adesis. I was born in Louisiana, and I did grad school at Texas A&M. I was there for about eight years.

I talked to a recruiter, and he said, “What do you think about moving to Delaware?” And I said, “Awesome, that’s great! Let’s try that out.” And so, I’ve been here since April of 2018.

Living here is great. We really like to go to historic New Castle and, you know, throw the ball with our dog, and take her for walks. One of the best things has been the seasons. We get to experience outside in all different weather. In the south, it’s very hot in the summer. You can have like 100 days of 100-degree weather. So, in the winter, you can just suit up and go out and play. In the summer, you can go to the beach, you can go out by the river, you can do lots of stuff like that.

My fiancé is a chemist as well. Luckily, he was able to come work at Adesis. But, if not, there were plenty of other opportunities for him here or even in Philly. We have a few people who commute. But being a chemist there’s lots of opportunities here.

There’s always something really cool and interesting going on.”

Delaware – A Great State to Live, Work and Play

When Lang moved to Delaware, she did so for her job; ever since her decision to relocate to Delaware, she has felt nothing but positivity toward the state and the community. Her  job at Adesis has been a successful one, and even Lang’s husband works there now.

In addition to providing the perfect opportunity for work, Delaware has been a great place to live. Lang loves the changing of the seasons, something she never got to experience when she lived down south. There are numerous destinations to travel to, and Lang says some of her favorites include New Castle, where she and her husband walk their dog together, and the beach. The state boasts a plethora of features that anyone can enjoy.  Like Lang discovered, there is something for everyone in the state of Delaware. Whether found through work or play, the First State can be the perfect home for so many people.