Delaware’s cultural panorama is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together a rich array of arts and performing arts, offering both locals and visitors a myriad of educational and entertaining experiences. The state’s cultural diversity is striking, encompassing both traditional and contemporary expressions. Along the Wilmington Riverfront, festivities and open-air concerts infuse the cultural scene with energy, complementing the dynamic ambiance of vibrant art galleries. Meanwhile, in Dover, historic theaters resonate with echoes of the past, exemplifying the state’s dedication to preserving its heritage. Old New Castle, with its charming historic architecture, stands as a testament to this commitment, exuding a strong sense of history. Delaware’s unique blend of preserving its rich history while embracing the pulsating rhythm of the present creates a captivating experience, making it a wonderful destination in the heart of the Northeast corridor.

Performing Arts

The vibrant performing arts scene in Delaware offers a diverse array of performances that captivate audiences with the harmonious melodies of symphony orchestras, the emotive storytelling of opera productions, and the graceful elegance of ballet performances. The cultural venues in Delaware provide an immersive and entertaining experience, showcasing the talent and creativity of local and international artists. Don’t miss the chance to explore upcoming shows in the area, where every note, every act and every step is an invitation to celebrate the magic of performing arts!

he Delaware music scene encapsulates a spectrum of genres, from the soulful strains of blues and jazz to the vibrant beats of hip-hop, and the heartfelt twang of country. In Delaware, the stage is a platform for musicians of all backgrounds. This commitment to diversity and inclusion not only shapes the music, but also fosters a sense of unity, where every note played and every lyric sung contributes to a collective celebration of the varied voices that make Delaware’s music scene truly exceptional. Let the music guide you to the hidden gems and lively venues across the state.

In the Spotlight- Delaware’s Featured Musician
Jimmy Allen
country singer Jimmie Allen Delaware

Country music star Jimmy Allen, hailing from the quaint town of Milton, Delaware, stands out as a GRAMMY nominated Best New Artist, and an ACM Male Artist of the Year. Emerging from a state not traditionally associated with the genre, Allen’s journey is a testament to his exceptional talent! Breaking barriers as one of the first Black artists to achieve a No. 1 hit on country radio with “Best Shot,” Allen’s success challenges preconceptions and showcases the diverse influences that can shape the country music narrative. His roots in Delaware add a distinctive layer to his story, as he brings a blend of Southern charm and small-town sincerity to his music, making Jimmy Allen a standout and inspirational figure in the country music scene.

Local authors, poets, and storytellers bring the state’s unique history and cultural diversity to life through their works. Literary events, book clubs, and poetry slams create vibrant spaces for the exchange of ideas and a celebration of the written word. Delaware’s literary arts community fosters a sense of connection and understanding, inviting readers and writers alike to explore the unique narratives that unfold within the pages of its books. The Delaware Literary Connection (DLC) is a non-profit organization committed to serving writers in the Delaware area, and promoting the literary arts. 

Delaware’s Art Advocates

The State of Delaware Art’s Funding

Delaware Division of the Arts

Grant programs for individual artists; nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations chartered and based in Delaware; and schools and government entities that support arts activities. The Delaware Division of the Arts prioritizes:

  • Artistic Merit: Showcase the excellence and profound influence of the arts.
  • Diversity: Acknowledge and incorporate the myriad facets of human identity and diversity.
  • Equity: Uncover and remove obstacles to involvement in the arts through systematic changes and execution.
  • Inclusion: Involve a wide spectrum of individuals, communities, and viewpoints to guarantee equitable entry, portrayal, and a sense of belonging.
  • Innovation: Foster fresh techniques, concepts, and strategies in artistic expression, programming, administration, and leadership.

Delaware Community Support for the Arts

Delaware Arts Summit

The Arts Summit helps artists, art patrons and educators come together at this one day event. The Summit’s intent is to aid in professional development, expand networks all while enjoying the arts.

Professional development opportunities play a crucial role in advancing Delaware’s creative sector, nurturing talent, and fostering a vibrant and sustainable arts community,” says Jessica Ball, Director of the Delaware Division of the Arts. “Such opportunities provide artists, creators, and arts professionals with access to specialized training, knowledge, and information. Workshops offered by nationally recognized speakers provide valuable learning experiences that empower individuals to assess, refine, and grow. This, in turn, enhances innovation and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the creative sector.”

Delaware Arts Alliance

The Delaware Arts Alliance serves as the cohesive advocate for the arts across the entire state of Delaware, promoting the essential contribution of the arts and arts education in fostering vibrant communities and a creative populace. They educate, enable, and rally the people of Delaware who nurture, endorse, and promote artistic endeavors.

To learn more about The Delaware Arts Alliance, who their members and advocates are, and how they encompass economic and social activity click here.


Brandywine Festival of the Arts

There is no shortage of artistic fun in Delaware, like the Brandywine Festival of the Arts, a cherished tradition spanning over half a century. This annual festival, eagerly anticipated by both artists and enthusiasts, boasts a juried selection of hundreds of artists and draws in around 15,000 visitors each year. The festival transforms into an end-of-summer celebration, featuring not only diverse artworks but also live performances, engaging children’s activities, and an array of food vendors and beverages, making it an inclusive and delightful experience for everyone attending.

How Great Art Thou

With a current membership exceeding 1,000 individuals residing throughout the county, the Rehoboth Art League annually provides over 150 classes, hosts more than 20 solo and group art exhibitions, and organizes special events, including Salons, the Annual Cottage Tour, and an Outdoor Fine Art Show, drawing nearly 15,000 visitors to their expansive 3.5-acre wooded campus. Beyond their physical location, they extend their outreach to underserved communities in Southern Delaware through exhibitions and arts education initiatives, continually broadening their impact.

In the Spotlight- Delaware’s Featured Event
Delaware Contemporary Art Museum
country singer Jimmie Allen Delaware
Fall 2023 – ESCAPE
September 8- December 31, 2023

The notion of escape signifies a departure or rupture from an innate state of being. The yearning to escape is an inherent aspect of the human experience. While each person’s reasons for seeking escape, their destination, and the individuality of their journey may vary, we all, at some juncture in our lives, share a common impulse or necessity to break free. This 16 artist show provides viewers with a glimpse into their imagination, their dreams, and their subconscious thoughts. It also introduces novel concepts related to energy and inertia, as well as a broader range of emotions, offering a rich and enhanced experience.

Arts in Education

Delaware College of Art and Design

With degree programs for every artist and designer, Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD) can help discover talents in animation, fine arts, game art, graphic design, illustration, & photography and video. DCAD also offers pre-college short courses and workshops to help build a base for young, emerging artists and designers.

Academy of the Arts – Dover High School

The Academy of the Arts provides a comprehensive educational experience for teen students from diverse backgrounds who exhibit artistic talent and proficiency in Dance, Music, and Visual Arts. This environment equips them with the essential skills to excel in both higher education and the professional world.

Archmere Academy

At Archmere Academy, students enjoy the freedom to design their academic schedules to encompass a wide array of elective options in the fine and performing arts. The private school’s educational program goes beyond traditional classroom settings, offering numerous opportunities to discover personal talents, and enhance skills particularly for more experienced artists within the school’s Performing Arts Center and Manor Studios.

Archmere Academy highly values the role of creative expression as a vital component of a comprehensive liberal arts education. The school offers students numerous pathways to explore vocal and instrumental music, drama, and the full spectrum of visual arts. Irrespective of their prior experiences, Archmere encourages all students to participate in the school’s artistic community. Students can opt to include choral music, band, or select from a range of fine arts elective courses as part of their academic journey. Furthermore, Archmere stages two annual dramatic productions, providing students with enriching extracurricular chances to deepen their involvement in the arts.

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

Cab Calloway School of the Arts (CCSA) is the premiere public school with an arts-based curriculum in the state of Delaware founded in 1992 by a group of parents seeking quality education in a motivating environment. Named after the American jazz icon, Cab Calloway, CCSA provides both academic and arts education for students in grades 6-12.Cab Calloway School of the Arts is an exemplary inclusive fine and performing arts school. Their students major in dance, digital media and communication arts, instrumental music, piano, strings, technical theater, theater arts, visual arts and vocal music.

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