Patricia Rivera – There’s No Place Quite Like Delaware to Live, Work and Play

December 12, 2022

Even after having been all over the country, Patricia Rivera finds that there’s no place to live quite like Delaware. Since the age of seven when she moved here from Bolivia, Rivera has lived across the United States. She came to Southern Delaware with a specific intention in mind, to create a lifestyle business, but upon arriving, she realized that the business community valued innovation and really looked to make a difference for people.

Because of this clear dedication to helping others within the Delaware business community, Rivera feels perfectly at home working for Hook PR & Marketing. Their focus is on assisting companies in garnering more clients and spreading the word about their services to all communities. One focus is on multicultural outreach and ensuring companies have the tools and capability to connect with people of all cultures and ethnicities. Hook PR works with companies to expand their branding to all platforms, as advertising through social media is a huge factor for success in the current digital age. Their clients consist of both for-profits and nonprofits, all of which look to create positive changes for the challenges people in their communities face.

Discovering a Vibrant Business Community

“My name is Patricia Rivera, and I’m with Hook PR & Marketing. So I came to the United States when I was seven years old from Bolivia in South America and have lived in different places in the United States. When I came back to Delaware from Dallas, I was really looking to start a lifestyle business, but when I came here, what I found was a really vibrant business community that was innovative and deliberate. Innovative in that they were purposeful in trying to determine how they were going to make a difference in this world and how their product or service was gonna do that. And I really enjoyed that about living here in Southern Delaware.

We’ve got great tools here, and my kids love to skim and surf and paddle and kayak, and it’s just always good opportunities to be outdoors. It’s a great place to live, work and raise children.”

A Welcoming and Inspiring Community

Rivera stayed in Delaware because of the business community, but she has come to love every aspect of the state since deciding to make a life here. The dedication she witnessed from businesses and individuals in trying to make the world a better place was what really struck Rivera as Delaware being unlike anywhere she had lived before. By situating herself within this community, Rivera has been able to do work that she believes in while also raising a family. Her family loves the outdoors, particularly the access to water that they have, as it is a great way to relax and have fun. The entire state of Delaware consists of hardworking individuals who truly commit themselves to their work because they live in such a welcoming, inspiring community. Wherever in Delaware one decides to reside, you will be able to find groups of people who truly believe in what they do and long to make a difference.