Sussex County Cheers On Karen and Tony Sposato

February 25, 2022

Karen and Tony Sposato wanted to take their business to the next level. They started with Sposato Landscaping in 1992, which has served as an award-winning company for Sussex County over the last 30 years. With a dedication to their customers, Sposato Landscaping serves any type of outdoor need. Even with this great success, Karen and Tony sat down in 2021 and wondered what more they could do. Coming from an Italian family with a legacy of wine-making, Tony suggested starting their own vineyard, and so Sposato Family Vineyards was born. The company works from 66 hectares down in Argentina, producing a variety of wines, including a malbec, which is made with the signature grape of Argentina. The prices range so that anybody can find a wine they enjoy.

Karen: “Sposato Landscape has definitely grown in the last 30 years. We’ve been in business for 28 years, and, from there, we sort of spring-boarded, looking for something outside the box besides landscaping.”

Tony: “Grew up Italian, grew up around wine. Just one thing led to another, and we’re like, “Well, you know, what about vineyards.” So, we put out focus down on Argentina. And that was in 2012. And today we have 66 hectares in production.”

Karen: “We have both white and red. We have the classic malbec, which is the signature grape of Argentina. We have sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and a fresh blend. So, great wines to choose from at every price point for everybody’s taste and liking. Milton is, just, it’s really changed in the last 30 years that I’ve been here. I think the community here has really embraced us. We all want the best for each other.”

Tony: “It’s helped our business. It’s helping our wine. And I think people that are moving here in Sussex County, they do appreciate fine wines. They appreciate the outstanding restaurants we have here. And chefs also appreciate good wines, too.”

Karen: “I think that’s the other thing that’s great about this area is that people really support each other. They want people to come down and enjoy this area and realize and recognize what a special place it is. I think that’s what’s great about the area. We’re all cheering each other on.”

Finding Success and Support in Sussex County

Sposato Landscaping is located in Milton, Delaware since its inception. Tony and Karen thank the community for their continued success over the past 30 years, and they also credit the community with helping their wines flourish. Tony thanks the restaurants—their patrons and the chefs—for having a strong appreciation for good wine.

They have these other businesses to support their endeavors. Not only do they attribute success to residents both old and new enjoying fine wines, but Karen also says, “We all want the best for each other.” Sussex County, where Milton is situated, is an area where individuals and businesses support one another.

Not only do they want to see success for their own companies, but they know how great of a place Delaware is and all the different things it has to offer: from restaurants to beaches to wine to community. Because of this sense of pride and joy in the area, the community of Sussex—and really all of Delaware state—champions growing businesses so that growth can happen. The support comes full circle, with restaurants helping Sposato Vineyards get their name out while also being able to provide customers with a wine they can trust. Every county in Delaware is filled with organizations looking to uplift one another and create success for themselves and the community at large.