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Tyler Kurtz loves Delaware

Tyler Kurtz

Relishing the outdoors – and more – in Delaware

For as long as Tyler Kurtz can remember, he’s had a deep love for water. He always knew he wanted to live by it, but it was a camping trip in middle school that ignited his love for Delaware’s coastal environment.

“In middle school, I began attending an annual school-sponsored camping trip to Cape Henlopen State Park, and I have some incredible memories from those trips,” says the 28-year-old resident of Rehoboth Beach.

The coastal environment was “what really brought me to Delaware,” Kurtz says. He often traveled to Delaware from Lancaster County, but the decision to move to take a job as an account manager in the Rehoboth Beach office of the Lyons Companies commercial-insurance brokerage took a few years and “a lot of miles on my car,” he says, but it was “worth every trip down.”

    In Kurtz’s eyes, there’s nothing better to do in Delaware than enjoying the outdoors.

    “My favorite things to do in Delaware pretty much all involve getting outside and enjoying the view, whether that’s cruising Rehoboth Bay by boat, sitting on the beach or taking in one of our nature trails,” he says. “Throughout Delaware, there are so many options.”

    Kurtz likes to run the 3.2-mile Gordons Pond Trail at Cape Henlopen State Park, and Dewey Beach is his favorite destination. But his adventures outdoors aren’t the only things he appreciates about Delaware.

    “I personally love that Delaware is so centrally located, making it (easily accessible) to the big cities in the neighboring states while still being right on the coast,”

    “I think we’re surrounded by so much in Delaware, but while you’re here you really feel as if you’re a part of a small community.”

    He also believes Delaware’s small-community feel has other benefits.

    “Everyone is connected, and through those connections you can find a lot of opportunity, both personally and professionally,” he says.

    Kurtz says it’s “amazing” that “everyone seems to know each other and how connected everyone seems to be” in Delaware. It’s rare, he says, that he doesn’t go somewhere with someone and be introduced to someone new. And if there’s someone you’d like to meet?

    “Chances are,” he says, “you know somebody who can introduce you.”