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Wilmington Among Outside Magazine’s ‘15 Happiest Places to Live in the U.S.’

Magazine lauds Northern Delaware location for community, quality of life and outdoor access

Outside Magazine has identified Wilmington, Delaware, as one of the “15 Happiest Places to Live in the U.S.” The publication noted that greenspace has long been valued in Wilmington and that 98 percent of Wilmington residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park.

“Situated within reach of Philadelphia (a 20-minute train ride), New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., this place prides itself on outsize access to the outdoors,” said the article. “Locals love its walkability, abundance of parks (nearly 70), revitalized downtown and riverfront and proximity to Mid-Atlantic beaches.”

To compile its list, Outside examined criteria such as overall well-being, percentage of public land, affordability, climate change effects and community inclusivity. Findings were based on statistics from Sharecare, Headwater Economics, the Trust for Public Land, The New York Times, the University of Notre Dame, the Human Rights Campaign, the U.S. Census Bureau and Redfin.

Among the attractions cited in the Wilmington entry were the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail, whose more than 10 paved miles link “parks, playgrounds, historic estates, the Brandywine Zoo, museums, commercial zones and schools,” and the 5.5-mile Jack A. Markell Trail, which runs along the Christina Riverfront from the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge to New Castle. Also referenced were Alapocas Run, including its 12 bolted climbing routes on Delaware’s only crag, and the access and engagement provided by free entrance and community programming at the three Wilmington State Parks: Brandywine Park, Rockford Park and H. Fletcher Brown Park. Wilmington’s promotion of inclusivity, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community, and its celebration of music through events such as the free Clifford Brown Jazz Festival were noted as well.

The other places identified on the “15 Happiest” list include Reno, Nevada; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Charlottesville, Virginia; Hood River, Oregon; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Plano, Texas; Anchorage, Alaska; Madison, Wisconsin; Frederick, Maryland; Saint Petersburg, Florida; and Tacoma, Washington.

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High Volume of Visitors to DE Turf Complex Prompts Development Nearby

Cutting the ribbon at the new Springhill Suites by Marriott in Frederica Aug. 22 is Michael Meoli, third from right, with his family, business partners, and leaders from town, county and state governments. Meoli is president of Meoli Companies and principal owner of Asbury Hospitality LLC.  Ben Mace, Delaware News Journal

New hotel first of several businesses planned near DE Turf sports complex in Kent County

A new hotel on Route 1 in Frederica will be the first of what could be multiple developments catering to the thousands of visitors each year at the DE Turf sports complex in central Kent County.

The grand opening was held Tuesday for SpringHill Suites by Marriott, an 86-room hotel with a conference/banquet room with a capacity for 66 people, an indoor pool, exercise room and upscale lobby with artwork, tables, chairs, couches and televisions.

“This hotel represents the next iteration of what DE Turf is designed to do: spur economic growth here in Kent County,” said Michael Meoli, president of Meoli Cos., which owns hotels and McDonald’s restaurants in Delaware and Maryland.

On Route 1 south across from the sports complex, the hotel’s address is 208 Dominus Drive at Exit 83, an exit that could soon be the home of restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and retail stores.

The hotel is part of Asbury Square, about 22 acres that Meoli’s company is developing with six other commercial “pad sites.” One other business already under construction is Empire Wine & Spirits, which also has a store in Middletown. Meoli is the principal owner of Asbury Hospitality LLC, and his partners in Asbury Square are John Paradee and Mike Koppenhaver.

Meoli said what initially drew his attention to the Frederica site was DE Turf. Then the highway interchange with the exit and overpass was built for easy access to and from the sports facility. The third factor was Bayhealth’s new Sussex Campus hospital nearby in Milford with the addition of Nemours Children’s Health.

“With those generating demand, you could see this area needs lodging,” Meoli said. “And we’ll also have guests who are visiting Delaware and traveling through the state.”

The hotel employs a staff of about 25.

Those numbers already sound good to Frederica Mayor William “Chick” Glanden, who said the hotel signals the tip of the iceberg as far as new businesses in the area.

“We need jobs, especially for young people, and this will also help our town’s tax base,” Glanden said.

In the 20 years he’s been mayor, the two biggest development projects in town limits are these Asbury Square plans and a new 285-home home neighborhood, which could boost the town’s population by 50% or more, he said. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population at 1,100 in 2022.

Meoli expects the Frederica area near DE Turf to “really take off in the next five to seven years. We’re just on the front end of it.”

Sports facility operates 42 weeks each year

Bill Strickland, chairman of the DE Turf board, said the sports complex was envisioned to be a catalyst for economic growth in Kent County and the new hotel is “the next step in the realization of that vision.”

Opening in 2017, DE Turf now holds sports tournaments and instructional programs 42 weeks a year, primarily on weekends with some week-long sessions. The facility has 12 artificial turf fields, all with lights.

The primary sports at the facility are soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and flag football. Teams have come to play from more than 30 states.

Strickland credited the county leaders who advocated for the sports complex including Linda Parkowski, executive director of the Kent Economic Partnership, who received multiple requests for a sports tournament venue when she was state director of tourism.

She called DE Turf a “field of dreams” and said, “For me, today is about courage.”

She thanked Meoli and his partners for their courage in being the first to develop property near the sports complex, the Kent Levy Court commissioners for having courage to sign a long-term lease for the sports facility, and the DE Turf leaders for the courage to persevere in the face of numerous obstacles.

As an example of how the sports complex is driving visitors to the hotel, during a tournament in November, the hotel is already 80% booked with rooms going for as much as $330 per night.

Strickland credited the county leaders who advocated for the sports complex including Linda Parkowski, executive director of the Kent Economic Partnership, who received multiple requests for a sports tournament venue when she was state director of tourism.

She called DE Turf a “field of dreams” and said, “For me, today is about courage.”

She thanked Meoli and his partners for their courage in being the first to develop property near the sports complex, the Kent Levy Court commissioners for having courage to sign a long-term lease for the sports facility, and the DE Turf leaders for the courage to persevere in the face of numerous obstacles.

As an example of how the sports complex is driving visitors to the hotel, during a tournament in November, the hotel is already 80% booked with rooms going for as much as $330 per night.

DE Turf Brings Sports, Community Together in Central Delaware

In this DPP video, DE Turf Executive Director Angie Eliason shares how access and a central location attracts teams and families from all over the state, region and beyond to Delaware.

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Why Delaware is a Great State to Purchase a Home

If you are in the market for a new home, you may wonder which state is the best choice for your investment. One state that often comes up in these discussions is Delaware and for good reason! Delaware has a lot to offer, from a thriving economy to a rich cultural heritage. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why Delaware is a great state to purchase a home.

Low Property Taxes

Low property taxes are among the biggest draws to purchasing a home in Delaware. As of 2023 Delaware has the 6th effective property tax rate in the United States.

Thriving Economy

Delaware is home to a number of thriving industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial services, and technology. The state houses prominent companies like DuPont, AstraZeneca, and JPMorgan Chase. Delaware’s workforce stands out for its expertise and knowledge across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and professional development. With a highly skilled workforce, the state offers plentiful career opportunities and a high household income — 5.4% higher than the national median. As a result, Delaware is a great place to start your search if you’re looking for job opportunities.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Delaware is also known for its rich cultural heritage. The state was the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution and played an important role in the Underground Railroad. Today, Delaware is home to several museums and historical sites, including the Hagley Museum and Library, the Winterthur Museum, and the Delaware Art Museum. In addition, the state is known for its thriving arts and music scene, hosting many festivals and events throughout the year.

Beautiful Beaches

Delaware’s coastline is a welcome escape for beach lovers. With its sparkling shores, the state boasts some breathtaking views on the East Coast, including the renowned Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities, exhilarating water sports, or vibrant nightlife, these beaches have something to offer for everyone. Immerse yourself in the sun and sand to create unforgettable memories along Delaware’s coastline.

Education System

Delaware’s education system is highly regarded for its commitment to fostering academic excellence and nurturing the intellectual growth of its students. The state places a strong emphasis on providing quality education to its residents, preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving world. Delaware’s educators are dedicated professionals who strive to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential. The state promotes a well-rounded education, encompassing not only core subjects but also arts, sports, and extracurricular activities. Through a combination of innovative teaching methods, personalized learning, and community engagement, Delaware’s education system aims to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning skills in its students.

Convenient Location

Finally, Delaware’s convenient location makes it a great place to call home. The state is located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, with easy access to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, and Washington, D.C. In addition, Delaware is served by many major highways and Philadelphia International Airport, making travel easy and convenient.

The recent addition of Avelo Airlines offers convenient flight options for travelers flying from the Wilmington Airport. Avelo Airlines is a regional carrier that operates flights from smaller airports, providing an alternative to larger airports like Philadelphia International Airport. This development brings several benefits to the state and its residents by offering direct flights from Delaware to various destinations, saving travelers time and potential hassles.

There are many reasons why Delaware is a great state to purchase a home. From low property taxes to a thriving economy and rich cultural heritage, there’s something for everyone in Delaware. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront property, rural, urban or suburban community Delaware has somewhere for everyone to call home. So why not consider making the First State your new home?

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White Coat Ceremony Launches First-Ever Beebe Healthcare Residency Program

Beebe Healthcare Welcomes First-Ever Family Medicine Residents

White Coat Ceremony Marks Historic Moment in Sussex County Hospital System’s 107-Year History

LEWES, Delaware – The first four resident physicians in the first town of the first state donned Beebe Healthcare white coats for the first time on July 13 as the healthcare system celebrated the start of its Family Medicine Residency program with a ceremony at the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing.

It was a historic moment in Beebe’s 107-year history.

“You can see the future of healthcare in Sussex County on days like this – Beebe Healthcare is growing its own physicians to serve the rapidly growing population of Sussex County,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, CPHE, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare. “Beebe is wholly invested in serving Sussex County and that means bringing more physicians to care for the people here.”

The R. Randall Rollins Center for Medical Education also welcomed its second cohort of medical students from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). These core clinical students will be doing rotations in Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education make up the three areas of the R. Randall Rollins Center for Medical Education at Beebe Healthcare. Thursday’s ceremony capped a multi-year journey that began in 2019.

“I’m so proud of everyone who has made this day possible here at Beebe and also the support from our community,” said Joyce Robert, MD, Founding Program Director for the Family Medicine Residency. “These resident physicians are so excited to be here and be a part of Team Beebe and the Sussex County community.”

  • Harrison Eckert, DO

  • Monica Javadian, MD

  • Sofia Perez Delgado, DO

  • Jacob Valvis, DO

Beebe’s first class of residents includes:

  • Harrison Eckert, DO, who is from Orefield, Pennsylvania and completed medical school at PCOM.
  • Monica Javadian, MD, who is from Aarhus, Denmark and Northern Virginia, and completed medical school at the American University of the Caribbean.
  • Sofia Perez Delgado, DO, who is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Tampa Bay, Florida, and also graduated from PCOM.
  • Jacob Valvis, DO, who is from Hockessin and Wilmington, Delaware, and graduated from PCOM.

The residency program will give these physicians a place to call home as they fulfill their educational requirements and pursue invaluable experiential learning opportunities in the clinical environment.

In tandem, it will offer tremendous benefits to the people of Sussex County who rely on Beebe for their care. Once fully staffed, the Family Medicine Residency will facilitate a minimum of 7,000 additional primary care appointments for our patients. This translates to increased access to timely care for people with a wide range of medical issues and needs.

“As a physician in this community for more than 25 years, I’m so proud to be a part of this monumental moment for Beebe Healthcare,” said Jeffrey Hawtof, MD, Director of Medical Education at Beebe Healthcare. “On average, 50 percent of medical residents choose to remain in the communities where they train, long-term. This creates a powerful system of continuity in care for those we serve, and who depend on primary care providers over the course of their lifetimes.”

Beebe Healthcare is a not-for-profit community healthcare system with a charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness and restore optimal health for the people who live in, work in and visit the communities it serves. Beebe Healthcare has three campuses: the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus, which houses the medical center; the Rehoboth Health Campus; and the South Coastal Health Campus. Beebe Healthcare offers primary care as well as specialized services in the areas of cardiovascular, oncology, orthopaedics, general surgery, robotic surgery and women’s health. Beebe also offers walk-in care, lab, imaging and physical rehabilitation services at several locations throughout Sussex County, in addition to a home health program and a comprehensive community health program.

Additional information about the R. Randall Rollins Center for Medical Education’s programs are at

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Middletown, Delaware, Among Fortune’s Top 5 ‘Best Places to Live for Families’

Middletown is Fortune’s #5 Best Place to Live for Families

Delaware town ranks highly in magazine’s analysis
of nearly 1,900 communities across United States

Fortune has ranked Middletown, Delaware, fifth on its 2023 list of the “50 Best Places to Live for Families,” noting that “Middletown offers residents a small-town atmosphere while providing easy access to major metros.”

The magazine evaluated nearly 1,900 cities, towns, suburbs, exurbs, villages and townships with approximately 20,000 residents from all 50 of the United States on more than 200,000 unique data points across five broad categories: education, aging resources, general wellness, financial health and livability. According to the business publication, these parameters “provided a broad universe of places that offered high-quality amenities in communities with a hometown feel.”

The rankings are as follows:

    1. Cambridge, Massachusetts
    2. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    3. Silver Spring, Maryland
    4. Tualatin, Oregon
    5. Middletown, Delaware
    6. Olathe, Kansas
    7. Eastvale, California
    8. Wellington, Florida
    9. Greenburgh, New York
    10. Fitchburg, Wisconsin
    11. Eagan, Minnesota
    12. Round Rock, Texas
    13. West Chester Township, Ohio
    14. Lee’s Summit, Missouri
    15. Portland, Maine
    16. Kapolei, Hawaii
    17. Iowa City, Iowa
    18. Alexandria, Virginia
    19. Peachtree Corners, Georgia
    20. Concord, North Carolina
    21. South Burlington, Vermont
    22. Helena, Montana
    23. Teaneck, New Jersey
    24. Lacey, Washington
    25. Sierra Vista, Arizona
    26. Bensalem, Pennsylvania
    27. Midvale, Utah
    28. Waverly, Michigan
    29. Norwalk, Connecticut
    30. Fargo, North Dakota
    31. Summerville, South Carolina
    32. Georgetown, Kentucky
    33. Wheeling, West Virginia
    34. Omaha, Nebraska
    35. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    36. Olive Branch, Mississippi
    37. Anchorage, Alaska
    38. Cranston, Rhode Island
    39. Cheyenne, Wyoming
    40. Denver, Colorado
    41. Lawrence, Indiana
    42. Little Rock, Arkansas
    43. Pocatello, Idaho
    44. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    45. Northport, Alabama
    46. Smyrna, Tennessee
    47. Spring Valley, Nevada
    48. Bolingbrook, Illinois
    49. Bossier City, Louisiana
    50. Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Middletown’s Fortune “50 Best Places to Live for Families” profile page is at

    Details about this year’s list and the methodology used to compile it is at

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    Wilmington Riverfront Among Fodor’s 15 Best River Walks in the USA

    Travel guide ranks Delaware’s largest city 10th for riverside attractions

    Fodor’s has identified Wilmington, Delaware as having one of the “15 Best River Walks in the USA.” The travel guide placed the Wilmington Riverfront 10th in its survey of pedestrian-friendly river-adjacent destinations, based on attractions such as outdoor dining, open-air concerts and natural beauty.

    “There may be no better way to enjoy the sunshine of a warm day than a stroll or bike ride along the riverside,” says the Fodor’s article. “Whether exploring the natural scenery, stepping into one of the dozens of local shops dotting a boardwalk or riverfront park or indulging in a cocktail and trying some freshly made cuisine at a waterside eatery. These are some of the best and most famous United States, from the San Antonio Riverwalk to the Chicago Riverwalk.”

    The Wilmington Riverfront, which runs along the Christina River, offers locals and out-of-towners activities such as shopping, art attractions and outdoor dining. Its entry on the Fodor’s list recommends visitors “Visit the Constitution Yards Beer Garden, which is open seasonally, and offers a changing rotation of craft beers and outdoor games like cornhole, axe throwing and live music on the weekend. Stop by Mexigrill and tequila bar Taco Grande, which overlooks the riverwalk with outdoor seating, serving delicious margaritas and made-to-order guacamole. Next, enjoy a craft beverage at the local brewery, Iron Hill Brewery, and finish off the day with some friendly competition at the Riverwalk Mini Golf. Book a stay at The Westin Wilmington, a short walk from the river with great water views.”

    The full list of “15 Best River Walks in the USA” is as follows:

    1. Ohio River Trail – Cincinnati, Ohio
    2. Waterfront Park – Louisville, Kentucky
    3. The San Antonio River Walk – San Antonio, Texas
    4. The Chicago Riverwalk – Chicago, Illinois
    5. The Detroit RiverWalk – Detroit, Michigan
    6. The Tampa Riverwalk – Tampa Bay, Florida
    7. Breckenridge’s Riverwalk – Breckenridge, Colorado
    8. Reno’s Riverwalk District – Reno, Nevada
    9. The Tennessee Riverwalk – Chattanooga, Tennessee
    10. The Riverfront Wilmington – Wilmington, Delaware
    11. Greenville’s Riverwalk – Greenville, South Carolina
    12. The Potomac River Waterfront – Alexandria, Virginia
    13. The Napa Riverfront – Napa, California
    14. Providence’s Waterplace Park and Riverwalk – Providence, Rhode Island
    15. Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park – Portand, Oregon

    View the full article at

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    Fisher’s Popcorn Growth Will Put Delaware Snack in More Grocery Stores Across United States

    Major Expansion of Manufacturing and Wholesale Operations Planned in Frankford, Sussex County

    WILMINGTON, Del. – Fisher’s Popcorn, which has produced hand-crafted gourmet popcorn in Delaware for 40 years, has chosen Frankford, Delaware, as the location for a new $4.85 million facility that will more than quadruple space for its manufacturing and wholesale operations.

    The company’s current production facility in Fenwick Island, Delaware, is approximately 2,000 square feet, and the new 17-acre site on Delaware Route 20 just off the U.S. Route 113 corridor is almost 10,000 square feet. The additional space will allow Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware to utilize new equipment – including two kettles and a large packaging machine – that will increase production capacity many times over. For example, bag-packing capabilities will rise from eight bags per minute to 30 to 35 bags per minute.

    Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware currently has 22 full-time employees staffing its manufacturing, retail, wholesale and e-commerce operations, all of which are in Sussex County. The company plans to create 20 additional wholesale jobs at the new site over the next three years.

    Sussex County Economic Development Director William Pfaff; Delaware Prosperity Partnership Senior Manager, Business Development, Megan Kopistecki; Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware Vice President Russell Hall; and DPP Business Development Manager Bryan Mack collaborated on the Fisher’s Popcorn project.

    “Fisher’s Popcorn has been a part of the Delaware beach experience and the Sussex County business community for 40 years, and we’re glad the company has chosen to expand here for its next phase of growth,” said Governor John Carney. “Delaware is a great place for manufacturing. This new facility will enable Fisher’s Popcorn to better serve its existing customers and grow its production and wholesale operations.”

    Fisher’s Popcorn was founded in Ocean City, Maryland, in 1937, and a branch of the founder’s family began operating Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware independent from the original company in 1983. Still family-owned and -operated, Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware has retail shops in the resort towns of Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach. The company also sells its products online and in more than 2,000 grocery stores across the United States, including many Giant, Weis, Food Lion and Fresh Market locations.

    Fisher’s Popcorn officials presented to Delaware’s Council on Development Finance an application for a Jobs Performance Grant of $60,000 and a Capital Expenditure Grant of $145,500 from the Delaware Strategic Fund to support the company’s investment in construction, fit-out costs and new equipment.

    Distribution of grants from the Delaware Strategic Fund are dependent on the company meeting commitments as outlined to the CDF, which reviewed and approved Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware’s request for up to $205,500 in total grant funding.

    “We’re very grateful for the opportunity to expand our operations while still being part of our local community here in Delaware,” said Vice President Russell Hall, who runs the company’s wholesale and e-commerce divisions. “This expansion will enable us to bring the classic flavors of the Delaware beach resorts to more people around the country while adding quality jobs in Sussex County. The grant assistance from the state is a key component to making this happen.”

    Delaware Prosperity Partnership began helping Fisher’s Popcorn explore how it could continue to grow in Delaware in 2022. Providing additional assistance throughout the site search and other location processes was Bill Pfaff, director of economic development for Sussex County.

    “We are so excited that Fisher’s Popcorn’s new manufacturing facility is calling Sussex County its home,” Pfaff said.


    About Delaware Prosperity Partnership

    Delaware Prosperity Partnership ( leads Delaware’s efforts to attract, grow and retain businesses; build a stronger entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem; and support employers in place-marketing Delaware to potential employees. Collaborating with economic development partners throughout the state, the DPP team works with site selectors, executives and developers focused on where to locate or grow a business and helps with reviewing potential sites, cost-of-living analyses and funding opportunities, including available tax credits and incentives. DPP advances a culture of innovation in Delaware, working with innovators and startups to connect them with resources and showcase their successes. DPP and its partners support and advance the missions of companies of all sizes and sectors.

    About Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware

    Fisher’s Popcorn of Delaware ( got its start in 1937, when Everett Fisher began making and selling copper kettle caramel popcorn on the Ocean City Boardwalk in Maryland. More than 40 years later, Everett’s granddaughter, Marty Fisher Hall, and her husband, Bill, opened the first Fisher’s Popcorn store in Delaware. Today – independent of the Maryland operations since 1983 – the Halls and their children run production and e-commerce operations and Fenwick Island, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach retail locations along with a wholesale division launched in 2012. Each batch of Fisher’s Popcorn is still made now as it was in 1937, but a wide variety of flavors have been added, including Caramel with Peanuts, Butter-Flavored, White Cheddar, Old Bay®-Seasoned Caramel, Kettle Corn, Caramel Dusted with White Cheddar and the seasonal flavor Caramel Pumpkin Spice.

    This article was originally posted on the Delaware Prosperity Partnership website at:

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    Beebe Healthcare to Host Multiple Recruitment Events in May

    LEWES – Throughout the rest of May, Beebe Healthcare is hosting a variety of recruitment events for clinical and non-clinical staff.

    Beebe is one of the largest employers throughout beautiful Sussex County and has exciting career opportunities available for qualified professionals. The healthcare system is experiencing tremendous growth, which allows it to offer more services to more people in more locations.

    Beebe offers a healthy, supportive culture where team members can truly flourish, with an excellent patient-focused environment, and leading-edge technology. Working at Beebe provides a feeling of community and a place to call home away from home.

    Walk-ins are welcome unless otherwise noted. RSVP online by visiting this webpage and selecting the date: Please call 302-645-3336 or email with questions.

    For complete job descriptions and requirements for any of the listed positions, go to

    Beebe Medical Group Hiring Event

    9 a.m. to Noon, Saturday, May 20

    Beebe Medical Group will be offering on-site interviews for clinical and clerical openings on Saturday, May 20, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Georgetown Health Center located at 21635 Biden Avenue Georgetown, DE. Sign-on bonuses range from $2,500-5,000 for qualifying positions.

    Positions include:

    • Certified Medical Assistant
    • Patient Service Representative
    • Patient Care Assistant
    • Physician Office Nurse
    • Practice Manager
    • Director of Primary Care

    Beebe and Brews Networking Event

    5-7 p.m. Tuesday, May 23

    Join Beebe’s Talent Acquisition and Leadership team at Big Oyster Brewery (1007 Kings Highway, Lewes, DE) and enjoy a free happy hour drink and light appetizers in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Openings are available for many positions, including nursing, certified medical assistants, phlebotomy, respiratory, and support services. Come find out about all the opportunities and career pathways Beebe Healthcare has to offer.

    RSVP is required

    Beebe Coffee and Careers

    Beebe Healthcare will host two more Coffee and Careers events in May.

    Those interested will have a chance to chat with recruiters and learn about the numerous benefits and exciting growth opportunities at Beebe Healthcare, including a $5 Starbucks gift card on Beebe. Sign on bonuses offered up to $10,000 for certain positions.

    Join the Beebe team at the Starbucks at 19946 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach, DE, on Wednesday, May 17 and 31 from 7-9 a.m.

    Beebe Healthcare is a not-for-profit community healthcare system with a charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, and restore optimal health for the people who live in, work in, and visit the communities we serve. Beebe Healthcare has three campuses: the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus, which houses the medical center; the Rehoboth Health Campus; and the South Coastal Health Campus. Beebe Healthcare offers primary care as well as specialized services in the areas of cardiovascular, oncology, orthopaedics, general surgery, robotic surgery, and women’s health. Beebe also offers walk-in care, lab, imaging, and physical rehabilitation services at several locations throughout Sussex County, in addition to a home health program and a comprehensive community health program.

    For more information about Beebe Healthcare, visit

    This article was originally posted on the Tech Impact website at:

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    Delaware Beach Builder Marnie Oursler Shines In Custom Home Industry

    Marnie Custom Homes of Bethany Wins National Award

    BETHANY BEACH — Years ago, Marnie Oursler moved down to Ocean View after college and started working as a realtor and other odd jobs to save up money and figure out her next step.

    Instead, she built her own company, Marnie Custom Homes, which has built 140 houses to date and earned her the 2022 Custom Builder of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders. She was honored during the International Builders’ show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

    “It’s pretty unbelievable,” Oursler told the Delaware Business Times. “I didn’t think it was something that we’d be recognized for on a national level. I feel like we were kind of the underdog because when I started I did feel like I was fighting my way through. Well, I guess people do notice you.”

    Oursler is Delaware’s first builder honored with the award as well as the first woman.

    “I’m just grateful to be doing this for a living,” she added. “I never thought 20 years ago when I started this that I’d be on a stage in Las Vegas for this award, thanking people. I’m definitely grateful.”

    A Southern Maryland native, Oursler and her family spent their summer vacations at Delaware’s beaches. Her father was also a custom homebuilder and developer and would often drop her and her brother off at a new neighborhood where they would sweep out houses, build decks and form concrete.

    When Oursler was 24, she decided to buy her first property – a tear-down house seven blocks from the beach – and flip and sell it. Then she repeated the process again and again.

    “I couldn’t afford to hire a builder, and I was honestly surprised about how much I knew about the process,” she said. “I didn’t realize it growing up, but I was learning about new materials and maintaining a job site along the way. I was really surprised at how comfortable I was.”

    After she flipped and sold her third house was when the neighbors started paying attention and wanting to hire her to build their dream homes. The timing to start her own company also wasn’t ideal. Marnie Custom Homes launched in September 2007, right ahead of the housing crisis. But through networking from her previous real estate career, she was able to land referral projects and shore up her brand.

    Today, Marnie Custom Homes has 14 employees. She also hosted two television shows: DIY Network’s Big Beach Builds and HGTV’s 2018 Dream Home.

    “It’s almost funny, because I didn’t really know the difference of the market at the time. But I did have a lot of questions at the time. How was I going to sustain this and do it for a living,” she said.

    Oursler prefers to handle clients hands-on, starting first with their wish lists and then seeing what’s possible, especially in the living area ratios allowed by each municipality and flood zone requirements. Then it comes down to priorities and finances.

    “A majority of our clients want the same things, like open showers. But in terms of how a family lives in a house, that’s where it becomes different,” she said. “We’ve had clients that we’ve dealt with for a number of years, so their family grows and we need to add more bedrooms. Or there was a wedding, so now you have to add more space.”

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, business boomed with people looking to escape the constant tedium of being indoors and renovating their houses. But Oursler said the pace is returning to normal: designing and building homes between Labor Day and Memorial Day, something she wants to keep doing for a long time.

    “I don’t really want to do anything else. I love watching my team grow and get better, making sure our houses are creative. This is a lot of fun,” she said. “I always want to build new things, and for me, the current house I’m working on is my favorite.”

    This article was originally posted on the Delaware Business Times at:

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    Cost of Living Index Calculator

    Cost of Living Index Calculator

    Cost of Living Index Calculator

    Cost of Living Index Calculator

    Cost of Living Index Calculator