Cliff Grunstra Embraces Delaware’s Unique Location

November 25, 2021

The end result is not always clear when you are making a decision. For Cliff Grunstra, the decision to move to Delaware did not bring with it the total realization of how ideal the state would be for life until he was living there. Grunstra, originally from Bristol, Virginia, has since been living in Delaware when he began to work for Delmarva Central Railroad through his marketing positions with the company Carload Express. He possesses years of experience within the railroad industry, and his work with Delmarva began in December 2016 when it began to expand its reach and bring in more service.

Delmarva Central Railroad serves the tri-state area of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia with their systems of freight trains. As Grunstra points out, Delaware’s unique location requires innovative solutions to solve the possible hurdles in the path of success. Thankfully with Grunstra on the team, they have been able to increase their services.

“So we’re a freight railroad and we started operations in December 2016 and our goal is to increase rail service. Delaware’s in a really interesting area specifically related to its geographical location. Here on the shore, there are transportation opportunities that require unique solutions and interesting supply chain options and rail fits really nicely into some of those different moves.

I grew up in Bristol, Virginia, so far southwest Virginia. When I moved here I felt a connection to the people immediately, the friendliness, the openness – it really spoke to me, my wife, and my family. We love it here. There’s a lot of opportunities to do outdoor activities. You don’t end up here by accident; you have to say ‘I’m going to Delaware.’ It’s kind of an untapped gem that if you have the ability to get here and to work here, to live here, to play here – there’s a lot it has to offer.”

A Special State to Work, Live and Play

In addition to Delaware’s unique location, Grunstra calls Delaware “an untapped gem”: there is loads of potential waiting inside, you just have to make the first push to seek it out. Not only does Grunstra admire Delaware for its geographic uniqueness when it comes to his job, but he also finds the community extremely welcoming.

Upon moving to Delaware, Grunstra immediately knew this was the place he wanted to be as he felt connected to all the people he was meeting. He even says that his family felt called to this openness that Delaware citizens showed to newcomers like themselves.

The extensive amount of outdoor activities appeals especially to Grunstra, and he labels them as the types of activities one wouldn’t expect to find when visiting Delaware. From the potential for railway success to the unrealized plethora of activities to partake in, Delaware proves time and again to be a special state to work, play, and live in, with lots to offer for all kinds of people.