Science and Tech Professionals Make Their Mark in Delaware

April 9, 2021

As one of the fastest-growing science and technology hubs in the MidAtlantic, a diverse group of science and tech professionals are making their mark in Delaware, with some real standout performers. From technology leaders in IT education and coding to gaming companies looking to give back and even a learning center striving to promote diversity and technology in the workplace, Delaware has produced some truly innovative leaders in the STEM space.

Does Your Future Begin in Delaware?

As a science or technology professional, imagine finding a place where you can realize career goals, surround yourself with movers and shakers in your field, and live in a community you love.

Meet Tech Professionals Thriving in Delaware

Let’s take a look at two Delaware tech professionals who are capitalizing on all Delaware has to offer and finding real success with their inventive offerings.

Code Differently with Stephanie Eldridge

Stephanie Eldridge is the CEO of Code Differently, a learning center designed to have a direct impact on increasing diversity and technology in the workplace. The center comprises a student population that is 98% black and Latino, 40% who are female. Diversity and inclusion have been part of Code Differently’s mission statement from the outset. Eldridge says that Delaware was the perfect location for their business, stating “I don’t know another location where you are one person, one degree of separation, away from any need.” Her business is having a positive impact on the State with seven of last year’s students relocating to Delaware after realizing the opportunities on offer to tech professionals here.

Esport Industry Leader Stephen Sye

CEO of Futures First Gaming, Stephen Sye is focused on growing and cultivating the Esports community and industry in Delaware. His venture takes a range of different approaches to achieve its goal of nurturing the next generation’s wishes to enter into the Esports industry. Through hosting competitive and recreational gaming events, advocating growth for the existing Esports industry in Delaware and holding educational sessions with a focus on workplace development, and working with schools to encourage Esports they hope to change the culture around gaming. Reaching students through their love for gaming can bring about more opportunities for the next generation in the STEM industry.

Choose Delaware for Your Science or Tech Venture

Delaware offers businesses an affordable location to conduct business and a robust, exciting environment in which to move your business forward. Catering to a range of different industries, Delaware provides the perfect setting for businesses to establish their brand through countless opportunities to network with a dynamic professional community, connect with leading Universities and R&D facilities and hire from a rich talent pool of IT talent and coders, spanning a range of different industries.

Delaware continues to shine as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly for science, IT, and tech professionals. Offering the ideal environment for businesses and individuals to work, live and enjoy a vibrant life, Delaware is the perfect destination for anyone seeking to begin or develop their career in the STEM industry on the East Coast or Mid-Atlantic region. With its unique location, impressive talent pool, innovative climate, and diverse range of industry-leading STEM businesses, Delaware is where you need to be if you are a science or tech professional.