Why Healthcare Professionals Choose Delaware for Their Careers

July 30, 2022

Health is something everyone keeps in mind when choosing where to live. One’s health is extremely important, and you want to make sure that wherever you live, access to great healthcare is available. Healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to taking care of others, and the opportunity to do that in a unique environment is appealing. Professionals like Stephen Keiser commit to healthcare in Delaware, as, like Keiser says, “It’s a really special state.” After growing up in Delaware and then moving away, Keiser chose to return to his home state not just because of the job offer, but because he loves the atmosphere the state possesses.

Keiser is the Vice President of Medical Group Operations at Beebe Health System, which is a nonprofit community healthcare system. Beebe has three campuses in Sussex County and serves as the largest employer within the county. With a focus on patient-centered care, Beebe offers care to both Delaware residents and those passing through. The three campuses promote primary care along with various areas of specialty including, but not limited to, cardiovascular, oncology, and women’s health. Because of the numerous campuses and wide range of fields of interest, Beebe serves as the perfect healthcare system to find employment. 

Delaware – A Really Special State

“So Beebe Health System is a small nonprofit hospital that has also a medical group, a lot of ambulatory services, and really serves Sussex County.

I have a long history with Delaware. I was born and raised in Newark, Delaware. Delaware is a really special state. I did all of my degrees at University of Delaware, and then I went out to Chicago for six years. And the opportunity to come back to Delaware was really important to me.

There’s just a really special atmosphere in this area with having our beaches and a tourist environment, and Beebe and its healthcare professionals have cared for that community always, including the locals, including the tourists. It definitely attracts a lot of people in their middle to older stages of life.

With healthcare, there’s multiple large health systems within Delaware that work hard to take care of. As we have specialized health systems throughout the state, we take care of people in the tri-state area and beyond. In the community-based health system, what we’re finding is, as people move to the area, they’re looking to us to take care of them. Rather than people going to large academic health systems, they’re coming here because of the community feel.

People are moving to Sussex County and to Delaware because it’s so unique. We’re really growing because of the area. People want to live here. And that’s sort of unique. We’re growing because people are choosing to move from an adjacent state, from a couple states away, to Sussex County to hang out at the beaches and enjoy their life.”

Variety of Jobs for Healthcare Professionals in Delaware

Along with Beebe providing a variety of healthcare jobs for anyone interested, multitudes of factors attract individuals to work and live in Delaware. The reason Beebe flourishes in Delaware is because so many people are moving to this state. From the beaches to the vibrant towns, Delaware has much to offer for younger and older residents looking for a change in pace. And with a healthcare system like Beebe so close by, one can feel safe and confident that they will be taken care of in their new place of residence.

Delaware’s caring atmosphere is unique and special, and Beebe Health contributes to this through a dedication to its patients. Whether you are moving and concerned about healthcare, or if you are a healthcare professional looking for a job, Beebe Health System in Sussex County has your back.